Nutrition and Physical Education workshop led by Mr. Hugo Fernandes
The Science Division at the School of Arts and Sciences hosted Mr. Hugo Fernandes, a leading Trainer and Physical Education Specialist, to deliver a Nutrition and Physical Education workshop, as part the practical learning offered to students in SCIE242 Principles of Human Nutrition. During the workshop, Mr. Hugo Fernandes who holds a Master ́s degree in Teaching of Physical Education in Primary and Secondary Education from the Faculty of Sports at University of Porto, delivered a practical presentation entitled Nutrition and Physical Education to students. The workshop also covered the importance of physical education on the overall health of individuals, highlighting that eating smart and being active have combined beneficial effects on our health. Guidelines discussed provided guidance for students on types and amounts of physical activity that are linked to health and improved wellbeing.  Students had a practical opportunity to design their own personalized nutritional program and exercise plan based on their resting metabolic rate and total metabolic rate.

Dr Meis Moukayed, Professor and Coordinator of Natural Sciences, commented on the educational workshop ”Nutrition and physical education go hand in hand in educating individuals on how to maintain energy balance and lead healthy lives. Through this workshop, Science Division faculty have ensured that our educational offering in nutrition is complemented by professional practical advice in physical education by top certified physical education professionals such as Mr. Fernandes. This workshop reinforces experiential learning for our students in a fun and educational environment to achieve the best learning outcomes in health sciences”.

Dr Rehaf Madani, Certified Clinical Nutritionist and Faculty in Natural Sciences at the Science Division AUD, who organized this workshop, commented,  ”Leading a healthy lifestyle is not just about healthy food options, its a full package. Eating a balanced diet and being physically active are two of the most important things you can do to be and stay healthy at any age. The aim of this workshop was to guide students on how to assess the nutrition and physical activity behaviors of youth, and help them make plans for improvement. If possible, encourage them to monitor their nutrition and physical activity habits on a continuous basis throughout offered programs and emphasize gradual improvement”.

SCIE241 Principles of Human Nutrition is part of the Minor in Health Studies offered by the Science Division at the School of Arts and Sciences, AUD. Minor in Health Studies provides students an opportunity to learn about global and local issues in health sciences and innovation, needed to cater for growing global populations and their healthcare needs in the 21st century. For further information please visit: