Marketing Students Visit Johnson & Johnson

On the 11th of April 2018, the Marketing 471 class was honored to have a field trip to the Johnson & Johnson headquarters located in Dubai Health Care City. Ms. Nurgul who visited AUD on the 5th of March organized an insightful and inspiring journey for the students.

The field trip began with a small tour of the J&J offices followed by a complimentary breakfast. The students then had the pleasure of listening to a series of presentations by J&J leaders. The presentations were held by the following leaders:

•             Mrs. Christie, Cameron Talent Acquisition Leader

•             Mr. Gavin Meadows, Business Unit Director for Joints & Mitek Business

•             Mrs. Rasha Al Jayyousi, Business Unit Director for JnJ Orthopedics businesses

•             Mr. Murali Nittala, Supply Chain Director MENA region

•             Mrs. Diala Temraz, HR Director for Emerging Markets.

The leaders shared their own experiences with the students and their secret ingredients for success. Mrs. Christie began by introducing the J&J credo as well as a reactive public relation campaign the company implemented when Tylenol faced a crisis. Mrs. Christie took the time to describe J&J stakeholders who consist of target consumers, employees, communities as well as stockholders to the students. She also introduced the grad programs available at J&J to the students advising them to build a powerful network in order to succeed in achieving their goals.

Following Mrs. Christie, Mr. Gavin took the students through an educational journey. Mr. Gavin began by explaining his background in the UK in sales before moving to Dubai and switching careers to marketing.  He advised the students to be always self-aware, he also encouraged them to continue to better themselves through self-coaching as well as explained the importance of public speaking training. He mentioned that career development is personal development. He also preached the importance of listing all skills that the students excel at in their CVs.

After that the students had an inspiring presentation by Mrs. Rusha. She mentioned how she is constantly balancing her personal and professional life. She advised the students that their aspirations should be high in order to achieve potential goals. She encouraged the students to always look for new areas and always to believe in the impossible. She also mentioned that it is always good to have constructive anxiety before any project or presentation. Mrs. Rusha once met a very famous surgeon who was about to make a simple operation and he was very anxious, she inquired about his anxiety and he told her it is always good to have this level of anxiety- it allows you to continue your work with focus and caution.

Another interesting talk was given by Mr. Murali. Students always seem to be confused on the meaning of supply chain and the role of the supply chain manager. Mr. Murali answered questions on the topic as well as informed students on supply chain theories and its application. He explained to them the importance of supply chain and adding value. Beyond this topic, Mr. Murali advised the students to be open to different cultures, new ideas, and new ways of implementation for professional and personal growth. He urged students to be passionate and have a clear purpose in life.

The last leader to speak was Mrs. Diala. She spoke about the needed characteristics of future leaders highlighting that a leader is unafraid to try new things. Mrs. Diala encouraged the students to apply for internships everywhere, even if they are outside their comfort zones in order to truly realize their interests and discover their needs. Differentiation and building oneself as a brand is very important and can only be achieved by passion, willingness to change and the courage to take risks. Another important eye opener given by Mrs. Diala for the students was realizing that recruiters look at the social profile of every candidate. Mrs. Diala cautioned the students to be careful about what they share online.

The trip was extremely beneficial to the students leaving them informed and motivated to continue their educational path toward careers marketing.