The School of Engineering hosted its Annual Banquet Dinner to honor its Alumni and Industry Partners
The School of Engineering hosted its Annual Banquet Dinner to honor its Alumni and Industry Partners on May 12, 2018. With over 100 guests, the dinner was a great success and an opportunity for Alumni, Faculty, Staff, Board Members and Industry Partners to connect and network in a social setting.
Civil Engineering Alumnus Hiba Abdel Jaber, who pursued her Masters and PhD in Princeton after graduating AUD, talked about the positive influence AUD had on her success and thrive to achieve. Hiba is a Lead Structural Engineer at LaCasa Architects & Engineering Consultants. Electrical & Computer Engineering Alumnus Bassel Helmy, who joined DEWA after graduation, shared his experiences and explained how AUD helped him overcome workplace challenges and prepared him to pursue graduate school. While, Dana Fawaz, Mechanical Engineering Alumnus, talked about the tools AUD gave her to be industry ready, the softwares and simulations she uses every day at Microsoft as a Partner development Trainee are tools she perfected at AUD.
“We are thrilled to hear from our Alumni and enjoy sharing their journeys, our Annual Banquet allows us to reconnect and hear their stories and developments. Listening to them is inspirational to say the least, and allows us to reflect on the impact we have on their lives and success,” commented Dr. Alaa Ashmawy, Dean of the School of Engineering. “Their accomplishments and drive are a testament to the quality of education AUD has to offer, we are very proud of their achievements and are confident they will continue to grow and learn,” he added.
The Banquet also served as an opportunity to acknowledge School of Engineering Industry Partners for their continuous support and exceptional engagement. This year, the School honored Atkins, ABB, Harwal Group and Selem DMCC for their outstanding support and efforts. Board Members from multiple industries and organizations were also acknowledged for their contributions to the Advisory Boards of the Civil, Mechanical and Electrical & Computer Engineering Departments.