Professor of Management publishes research on universities in the UAE
Professor of Management at AUD, Dr. Evangelos Dedousis, published his study “An analysis of mission statements of tertiary institutions: Business colleges in UAE” in the e-Journal of Business Education & Scholarship of Teaching (e-JBEST).

His research highlights that unlike the experience of many countries, where the establishment of tertiary institutions preceded, and often helped spark the process of, modern economic and social development, higher education in the UAE took hold following the start of the country’s rapid economic transformation.

There are now more or about the same number of business colleges in UAE as in other far more populous countries with well-diversified economies for instance, Germany, Japan, Italy, Spain, or South Korea; with additional colleges expected to setup in the near future. While the implications vary, tertiary institutions are called by external and internal stakeholders to promote innovation, seek international accreditation, and pay more attention to research and knowledge creation. This raises expectations on tertiary institutions to move beyond the traditional role of simply teaching.

The tertiary institutions were analyzed from the lens of strategic management, evaluating the mission of universities and colleges through formal documents such as the institution’s “mission statement”. The analysis helps shed light on the different strategies used by business colleges to establish a presence and survive in the competitive market of business education.

The study also assesses AUD’s School of Business Administration mission, which boasts both the AACSB accreditation and the title of being the oldest American-styled institution in the country