• *** The university is open on Saturday, January 12, 2019
  • *** Spring 2019 semester starts January 13, 2019 and ends May 02, 2019
  • *** Spring 2019 Drop and Add period starts January 13 and ends January 17, 2019
  • *** Withdrawal deadline for Spring 2019 semester is on March 21, 2019
  • *** Final Exam dates for Spring 2019 semester start on April 27 and end on May 02
  • *** Late Registration for Spring 2019 is open now
  • *** AUD ID cards for new students (Fall 2018) will be available in the Registrar's office starting Thursday, September 13, 2018
  • *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
  • *** Payment and Printing Invoices can be done online through the Student Portal
Registrar's Policies

Policy on Academic Record Retention and Storage
In order to fulfill its commitment to the security, confidentiality and integrity of its student academic records, The American University in Dubai follows a Policy on Academic Record Retention and Storage.
Directory Information Changes
It is the responsibility of the student to contact the Registrar’s Office immediately in the event of any address, telephone number or email address changes. An online request form for Directory Information Changes is available on the Registrar’s webpage
Undergraduate Classification
A student’s enrollment status or classification is based upon the number of credit hours completed. A student with 0-30 credit hours is classified as a freshman, a student with 31-60 credit hours is classified as a sophomore, a student with 61-90 credit hours is classified as a junior and a student with more than 90 credit hours is classified as a senior.
Release of Grades
Final grades are released by the Registrar’s Office within three working days after the end of each academic term. All grade reports are available online
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for overseeing the registration process and maintaining students’ records. The registration for all students is completed online, where Freshmen, Sophomore, Juniors and Seniors are limited to the exact time assigned in the registration schedules.
When the student has an overdue library book, an incomplete admissions file, is in possession of school property or is delinquent in the payment of fees, he or she will not be allowed to register until the irregularity is remedied.

Wait Listing
Wait listing is a function that the Registrar’s Office in conjunction with Academic Departments may employ to deal fairly with students who wish to enroll in classes that reach enrollment capacity during registration. By placing themselves on a waitlist, student help academic departments track demand for courses. If a course has a large number of students on the waitlist, departments may decide to open an additional class section to meet the demand.
Students may make schedule changes without penalty during each academic term’s Drop/Add period. Students with fewer than 60 credit hours, Engineering students and students on GPA/MGPA hold must obtain their advisor’s approval to drop/add a course. Drop/Add is not allowed outside this period.

Withdrawal from Courses
Students who do not wish to proceed with a course past the Drop/Add period are allowed to withdraw officially (and obtain a ‘W’ grade no later than the end of the tenth week of the semester (end of the fifth week in a summer session). A grade of ‘W’ is also used to denote withdrawal of students in case of dismissal by a Conduct Council. The university does not grant a grade of “W” retroactively.
To withdraw from a course, students must apply online through
Students on scholarship must follow the relevant scholarship rules and regulations concerning withdrawal. Failure to do so entails financial penalties.
Withdrawal from the University
AUD students intending to withdraw from the university must submit a written notice to the Registrar’s Office by filling the AUD Withdrawal Form available both online and at the Registrar’s Office. Any outstanding tuition or fee charges owed must be paid at the time of withdrawal. Student requests for official or unofficial AUD transcripts are not honored until outstanding charges are paid.

 The Last Date of Attendance is used as the official date of withdrawal in all cases for refund calculations. W or F grades will be assigned to all courses based on whether the withdrawal occurs before (W) or after (F) the term withdrawal date specified in the university Calendar.
A student desiring to re-enroll at AUD after a period of one year from the official date of withdrawal is considered a new student. Students in this situation must contact the Admission’s Office to re-activate their files. They will be required to provide updated information and pay the current Reservation and Enrollment deposit. A student desiring to re-enroll after less than a one year period since the official date of withdrawal should contact the Registrar’s Office to initiate the reenrollment process.
Official Student Schedule
Students are advised that their official schedule is as recorded by the Registrar at the end of Drop/Add. Students may view this schedule from the AUD website or via direct link (
Request for Transcripts
Requests for transcripts from The American University in Dubai must be made by filling out an online request form here: Registrar’s Webpage. The fee for each official transcript is AED 50*. The student should allow two working days for the processing of transcript requests. Students can request special mail services at an additional cost.
No official transcripts are issued to a student whose file is incomplete. Transcript cannot be released to a third party without a Consent to Release Education Records Exception Form signed by the student. Transcripts, which are not collected within one calendar year of issuance will be destroyed.
* The university prefers payment by  local UAE check,  cash or credit card. If payment is made by personal check, transcripts will be held for 10 full days or until the check has cleared.
Certificates of Enrollment
Students may request a certificate of enrollment or a formal letter from the Office of the Registrar by filling out the Letter Request Form, available on the registrar’s webpage Two working days for the processing of letter requests should be allowed.
Names on Diplomas
The name that appears on a student’s diploma will be consistent with the name that appears in the student’s file upon admission and is corroborated by a passport or identity card.
Diploma Replacement
If an original AUD diploma is destroyed or lost, a duplicate may be ordered from the Registrar’s Office. The Duplicate Diploma Request form must be completed by the graduate and any evidence that the original diploma was lost, stolen, or destroyed must be attached to the Request (e.g., police report, fire department report). If the original diploma is damaged, the Duplicate Diploma Request form must be completed and the damaged diploma must be submitted to the Registrar’s Office. The reverse side of the duplicate diploma will be stamped with the words, “Duplicate issued on MM/DD/YY to replace lost/destroyed original diploma.” In order to receive this duplicate, graduates must fill the Duplicate Diploma Request form, available online and pay the university’s diploma fee.
Attestation of Diplomas
The Office of the Registrar is responsible for processing the issuance of all diplomas and transcripts for attestation by the U.A.E. Ministry of Education – Higher Education Affairs. Obtaining the actual attestation is the students’ responsibility