• *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
Message from the team
As AUD continues to launch exciting new programs and make advancements towards the expansion of its learning environment, students are presented with a wealth of academic and personal resources, opportunities and choices.

The AUD Academic Advising division (AAD), located in Admin 109, provides advising services to students who have completed fewer than 60 credit hours.

The AAD assists each student in adopting a program of study and creating an individual program of study document. Prior to the beginning of each term, these students are required to meet with the Advisor to whom they are assigned in order to review the status of their degree progress, to discuss university policies and departmental requirements, and to select courses. An Advisor’s signature is required in order for these students to register.

The AAD was created to respond to the needs of a diverse and growing student body here at AUD, and is staffed with qualified professionals who are dedicated to effectively guide and assist students in their quest for knowledge.

Indeed, university years are the most challenging and rewarding years in one’s life, and we, at the AAD, aim to provide our undergraduates with interdisciplinary academic and administrative assistance. We work together to ensure that progress is always made towards the completion of your personal, academic and professional goals.

Your thousand mile journey to success starts with a single step… here at the AAD.

Role of the Academic Advising Division
In accordance with our statement and AUD’s vision of promoting student learning and development, the Division’s goals are to:
  • Impart accurate, judicious and timely information on AUD policies, academic programs, and campus resources;
  • Form educational advising partnerships with advisees and encourage the shared responsibility of academic decisions with advisors;
  • Contribute to the student’s personal development and effective decision-making skills; and
  • Evaluate and re-assess the AAD services to better serve the advisees’ needs and enhance their educational experience at AUD.
  • Students will read and accurately interpret AUD policies and academic program requirements and will recognize campus resources.
  • Students will value the advising partnership and select an appropriate course sequence accordingly.
  • Students will understand how their academic performance impacts their individual progress towards graduation.
  • Prospective graduates will acknowledge the academic guidance provided by the AAD.