• *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
In order to ensure a swift and efficient advisory meeting, all students should come prepared with the following:
  •  Completed administrative forms;
  •  Signing in to the AAD.
Declaration of Major Guidelines
Students must:
  • Complete the Change of Program or Change of Major Form;
  • Meet with his/her respective advisor to seek an approval;
  • Seek the signature of the Dean or Chair of the School/Department of interest;
  • Submit the signed copy to the Registrar to finalize the declaration.
Early Course Registration
Students must:
  • Complete the Clearance and Registration Form
  • Meet with an appropriate advisor to discuss the courses of interest and obtain an approval;
  • Visit the Finance Office to seek their clearance and stamp;
  • Submit the Clearance and Registration form to the Registrar and sign up for courses.
Students Not Eligible for Online Registration
Online registration is available to all AUD students except in the following cases which require manual paper-based registration; students who:
  • have an existing hold;
  • have failed a developmental course – i.e., UNIV 100, ENGL 100, MATH 090, MATH 100;
  • are appealing prerequisites and corequisites;
  • are petitioning for course overloads;
  • are Pre-Engineering
Students are reminded that regardless of the mode of registration, they assume full responsibility for fulfillment of their degree requirements.  
Dropping/Adding a Course
Students must:
  • Fill in the Drop/Add Form;
  • Meet with his/her respective advisor to seek an approval;
  • Submit the Drop/Add form to Registrar’s office.

Course Overload
The AAD does not recommend or approve overload courses to students, and some AUD academic units may not allow them altogether. Students should check with their advisors if that is applicable to their field of study and whether there are any school/ departmental policies.
Waiver of a Pre-requisite Course
Students seeking to enroll in higher level courses without having completed the pre-requisite courses should check with their advisors whether it is allowed in their degree programs.
  • Students in the School of Engineering should
  • Visual Communication and Interior Design: To be done with the respective Chair.
  • Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication: Check with the Dean.