• ***Final Exam dates for Summer I 2017 semester are on June 21 for MW classes and June 22 for UT classes
  • ***Withdrawal deadline for Summer I 2017 is on June 8, 2017
  • *** Early Registration for Fall 2017 starts May 23, 2017 and ends June 12, 2017; check registration/payment deadlines online
  • ***Summer I 2017 semester starts May 7, 2017, and ends June 22, 2017
The Student Services Office plays a vital role in the campus community. The Office has five divisions: Dean’s office, Athletics, Counseling, Housing, and Student Activities.

AUD faculty and staff work with students from the time of their admission to their graduation and beyond to ensure their success and comfort, both academically and socially. These caring professionals are available to help students in many ways, providing support and referrals as needed. AUD prides itself on taking an active role in the Dubai community by offering AUD students unparalleled opportunities to be part of Dubai’s development through participation and interaction with the local community organizations and initiatives.

The Office of Student Services, in support of the university’s mission, provides a wealth of resources, facilities, events, and programs designed to encourage and enhance the holistic development of AUD’s diverse student population, with careful and intentional consideration of opportunities existing outside of the classroom.

The Office of Student Services seeks to:
  • Support and uphold the mission and values of the institution;
  • Provide services that will empower students to become actively involved in campus life, while enhancing the student's knowledge;
  • Increase students’ confidence, self-discipline, character, and courage through experiential learning opportunities; and
  • Collaborate with campus partners to produce graduates who embody AUD’s Core Values for the purposes of attaining positions of responsibility, and meeting the daily challenges of contemporary society.