• *** Administration office hours are 8am - 5pm
The purpose of this policy is to establish the guidelines that govern counseling practices for students.
AUD prides itself in offering quality services to students. To maintain those standards and fully address the personal growth, psychological needs, and emotional wellbeing of our students, AUD provides counseling services. There is no fee required for students to utilize this one-to-one counseling service provided by the Personal Counselor. The Personal Counselor’s role is to make an assessment and provide support and guidance for students experiencing personal problems.
Eligibility: Counseling services are available to both undergraduate and graduate students. There is no fee required for students to utilize this service.
Confidentiality: All communication between a student and a counselor is confidential. The confidentiality of the counseling sessions is protected by the counselor’s code of ethics. All student records are kept under a locked filing system, and they are not released to others (even within the university community) without the written consent of the student. As the only exceptions, the following staff members have access (as needed): President, Executive Vice President, Provost, and Dean of Student Services.
Information regarding whether or not a student has been seen by a Personal Counselor cannot usually be released without student consent, and requests for this information are evaluated and answered only on a case-by-case basis.
If it becomes clear in the counseling session that there is a real danger to oneself or to others, the counselor is required to inform the Dean of Student Services and inform a parent or someone close to the student. The confidentiality rule does not apply in this case.
Access: Students are encouraged to make an appointment with a Personal Counselor to discuss their concerns. The Personal Counselor is available on campus twenty-five (25) hours per week. Hours are posted publicly on the web page and office door. Evening appointments are available to graduate students upon request.
Number of Visits: Some students may require only one visit. However, the Counselor generally recommends that the student attend four (4) to five (5) sessions. The first session will generally be one hour in length with subsequent sessions lasting thirty (30) minutes.
Referrals: The Personal Counselor provides referrals to other qualified, certified, and experienced counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists and therapists equipped to aid students with psychological problems, learning disabilities, and/or other serious issues. A list of referrals is also available to students who wish to receive external counseling. In the case where the referred student would like to maintain the involvement of the Personal Counselor, the Counselor may request a copy of the report of the external visit and may follow up with the therapist regarding the student’s treatment.
Seminars: Throughout each semester, the Personal Counselor also offers seminars and workshops on mental health detection and prevention. These are designed to help students identify, understand and respond to general mental health issues.