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The American University in Dubai and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Housing Government

Apr 17, 2019

Dr. Imad Hoballah, Provost and Chief Academic Officer of the American University in Dubai, received a delegation from the Mohammed bin Rashid Housing Foundation, discussing enhancing cooperation between the two organizations in the utilization of the research center for the three-dimensional printing of concrete buildings at the university. He said that the university has started partnerships with various public and private sectors and consulting offices as well as research to discover the most effective means to use three-dimensional printing in the field of buildings, driven by an interest in sustainability and serving the community. Dr. Alaa Ashmawy, Dean of the School of Engineering, presented to the delegation about the role of the center in building three-dimensional concrete structures to suit the country's climate. He further discussed the viable solutions to the issue of rusting reinforcing steel, and the concentration of salts in the soil. Stressing the importance of adhering to the requirements and conditions of the municipality, he added that the development of a three-dimensional building is less expensive than the traditional development. The delegation of the foundation will be attending the initial unveiling of the designs for the building. The cooperation will extend to both the design and implementation of future projects. The delegation included Ahmed Issa Al Helo, Head of Marketing, Partnerships and Engineering, Fatma Al Suwaidi, Head of Maintenance and Technical Services, Aisha Al Shehhi from the Engineering Sector, and Saqer Khalid Rashid, Marketing Officer and Partnerships in Corporate Communications and Marketing. The Delegation expressed its appreciation for the role of the American University in Dubai in providing the engineering arena with distinguished engineers with extensive in-field experience.

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