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Sally Hammoud

Assistant to the Associate Dean of the Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication & Assistant Professor of Communication and Information Studies

Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication


Ph. D. in Communication and Media Studies
M.A. In Organizational Communication
B.A. Public Relations and Advertising

Dr. Sally Hammoud earned her education from the Lebanese University in Lebanon. Her Ph.D. dissertation is on artificial intelligence and language in building digital reputation, which she chose to write in Arabic language due to the shortage of Arabic publications in such topics and she believes this will enhance cultural balance among communities.

Dr. Hammoud has extensive experience in communication, providing her the opportunity to bridge between academic and professional arenas, as she has been working within academic institutions, governmental associations, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and startup Enterprises in Europe, MENA, GCC regions.

Academically, she has lectured at the American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanese American University (LAU), and other esteemed universities in Lebanon since 2012.

She has several interdisciplinary bilingual publications in areas of communications such as “The Role of Artificial Intelligence in the Convergence of Public Relations,” “The Role of Media in Mobilizing the Social Movement in Lebanon During October 2019 Revolution,” and “The Impact of Social media on the Psychology of Adults During COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.”

Professionally, she has been a senior consultant at renowned organizations such as Ernest and Young Bahrain, Cloud 9 in Kuwait, Formatech UAE, and Standards HR in Qatar. She has been working with organizations on their organizational capacity development (OCD) where she offers assessments, SOPs, training in addition to mentoring and coaching staff at all levels. She has trained individuals, seniors and juniors, around the globe on various topics around communication and management, such as change management, design thinking, digital emotional intelligence, and crisis management, where she had the opportunity to work closely with ministries, authorities, and major governmental committees and stakeholders.

Simultaneously, she has been working with UN agencies, international NGOs and grassroot organizations in Lebanon and in the MENA region, where her main focus of work is capacity building and public information strategies, in addition to strategic project management and stakeholder mapping.

Sally is a member of several communities, such as WYSE NGO in the United Kingdom, Arab Association for Media Studies, the advisory board of Make Sense (INGO), and Sustainable campus committee at RHU.

In addition, Sally is an independent creative writer for Annahar Newspaper in Lebanon, and a speaker at TedX Dornbirn in Austria.