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Seth Laffey

Assistant Professor of English

School of Arts & Sciences

English Division


Ph.D. in English, Kent State University
M.A. in English, Ohio University
B.A. in English, Rider University

Dr. Seth Laffey joined the faculty of AUD in Fall, 2017. His Ph.D. dissertation was an electronic edition of the letters (1889-1895) of American poet Edwin Arlington Robinson. Although his research interests are highly eclectic, both within and outside of literature, they tend to hover around certain loci of concentration: Romantic theorists of the imagination such as Blake, Coleridge and George MacDonald; 19th and 20th-century supernatural fantasy and horror fiction on both sides of the Atlantic; and the influence of Renaissance Neoplatonism, Hermeticism and Boehmean theosophy on 19th-century poetry and fiction.
He is also interested in the comparative study of certain French and German Romantic authors, including Alphonse de Lamartine, Louise-Claude de Saint-Martin, Jacques Cazotte, Novalis and E.T.A. Hoffman, in addition to various medieval Arab authors whose themes and preoccupations converge with those of Western Romantics.
Dr. Laffey also enjoys Spaghetti Westerns, 80s heavy metal, and a nice cup of tea. He grew up in New Jersey, USA.