Department of General Business and Management

B.B.A. Major in Management

The Management major provides students with a solid understanding of both quantitative aspects of Management such as Operations Management and Decision Making as well as qualitative aspects including Leadership, Change and Innovation, and Organizational Behavior. Our graduates deal effectively with operational issues but they also possess strong skills of analysis and synthesis that help them tackle complex and unique challenges requiring in-depth understanding of not only events that occur but, crucially, how and why such events happen. Graduates of the Management Program are the managers of the future, ready to climb the corporate ladder.

Management students are well- prepared for entry-level positions within public and private companies of various sizes. Those students may also seek employment as general managers, human resource managers, sales managers, research associates, and business consultants.

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MMU International Progression Program

An opportunity to earn two degrees in four years. The International Progression Path in Business and Management (IPPBM) at American University in Dubai.

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Master of Arts In Intellectual Property and Innovation Management (MA. IPIM)

A unique program offered in collaboration with Dubai Economy, Represented by The Commercial Control & Consumer Protection Department and Dubai Intellectual Property Training Center an initiative under Dubai Entrepreneurship Academy the Educational arm of Dubai SME.

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