Visa Information for all Applicants

Students (other than Visiting Students) have the option to apply for a Student Residence Visa with AUD, or check other options with the UAE embassy in their home country.

IMPORTANT: Depending on the type of passport the student is holding, other options for obtaining different types of visas are available to visit the UAE. Please note that it is the student’s responsibility to check these options, requirements, rules and regulations with the UAE embassy in their home country. AUD will not be liable or held responsible for any violations, or any complications that might occur due to the fact that the immigration rules might change from time to time during the student’s stay in Dubai.

Students who are accepted and enrolled on a full-time basis have the option to apply for a visa and can be sponsored by the University. They will be issued a Student Residence Visa valid for one year. Students who wish to apply for this visa should contact the Admissions Office at least 2 months before the scheduled date of entry.

Required Documents and Process:

  • The Visa Application Form to be filled online click here
  • Colored photocopy of the passport with validity page (min. 6 months validity)
  • 1 passport-size photo
  • Copy of current visa, if applicable
  • Copy of tenancy contract (Ejari). Waived for those living in AUD Housing
  • Visa fees: AED2,000 + a refundable AED3,000 passport security deposit

Additional Charges: These are applicable only to students who enter the UAE with another type of visa (tourist, etc.) and apply for an AUD Student Residence Visa while in the UAE.

  • Change of visa status AED600
  • Issue visa while in country AED700

Visa processing usually takes 3 to 4 working days. Delays may occur at the Department of
Naturalization and Residency Dubai (DNRD).

The University keeps the student visa active for three months only after the date of graduation. Students should report to the Visa Office at the end of the 3-months period to satisfy the requirements for canceling or transferring the visa. The University will take the necessary legal action against students who fail to do so and as a result, the student will forfeit his/her visa security deposit.

Health Insurance
Health insurance fees are payable at the time of visa application.

Private health insurance is mandatory for all AUD-sponsored students. In order to meet this requirement by enrolling in the AUD-sponsored health insurance plan, students are charged a non-refundable fee on their first semester's bill.

Students joining in Fall Semester (covering September to August): *AED 3,200
Spring Semester (covering January to August): *AED 2,300
Summer I Term (covering May to August): *AED 1,200

For new students, health insurance will be activated once the visa process is finalized. In the meantime, students are advised to have an alternative insurance to cover them for any emergency.

Cancellation Fee
AUD-sponsored students who complete their semester(s) at AUD should contact the Visa Officer at +971 4 318 3128 to process their visa cancellation two weeks prior to leaving the UAE. These fees are subject to change without notice by the UAE government authorities.

Visa Information for Visiting Students

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