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Exemplifying the tradition that a college education liberates the mind, the School of Arts & Sciences at AUD provides a broad based general education

Dean’s Message

Education liberates the mind: based on this adage, the School of Arts and Sciences at the American University in Dubai provides a liberal arts curriculum encompassing general education in languages, science, mathematics, the humanities, and the social sciences. We believe that a well-rounded education in the Arts and Sciences offers students the necessary tools to excel inside and outside the classroom. While cultivating their critical thinking and analytical skills, our core curriculum instills in students a passion for life-long learning. Through a variety of courses covering English, Communications, Cultural Studies, Humanities, Math, Science, and Social Sciences, the School of Arts and Sciences prepares students for graduate school programs and lays the foundations for their success as future leaders and problem solvers.

In addition to the liberal arts core curriculum, the School of Arts and Sciences offers three popular undergraduate programs: a Bachelor of Science in Biology, a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. We also offer a Master of Arts in International Affairs. Furthermore, our location in the Middle East enables us to offer a Certificate in Middle Eastern Studies, which draws students from near and far to learn about the history, cultures, economics, and politics of the Middle East and North Africa. Finally, to enable students across the university to experience the expertise of our faculty, the School of Arts and Sciences offers minors in a series of disciplines, from Health Studies and History to Literature and Mathematics.

The intellectual rigor of our faculty and students is on display in the many extracurricular clubs and events we organize. We are proud to host the AUD Model United Nations, as well as the International Studies Association. Our students have also created chapters or student clubs in association with different United Nations entities, including the UN Global Compact Student Club and the UNHCR Chapter. Our faculty’s creativity and research productivity can be viewed in some of the many events organized on campus, including a vibrant series of lectures and workshops.

I invite you to browse through our website, to learn about our programs, and to join us in an educational experience that sharpens your global awareness as you study with a globally diverse faculty and student body – an unforgettable learning experience in a unique setting.

Dr. Micah Robbins
Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences and Associate Professor of English
Dr. Micah Robbins



Proud to be AUD
Bachelor of Arts in International Studies (B.A.I.S.)

I can undeniably say that taking courses like International Development, Globalization, Geopolitics, and Contemporary Historical and Political Issues provided me with the right analytical and critical thinking tools vital to understanding today’s world

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