Note: Be sure to read the Undergraduate Admissions Checklist

Forms should be filled and e-mailed to

FORM 1: Consent and Declaration Form

FORM 2: Student Health History Form

  • In order for the Health History Form to be approved, it is mandatory that the questionnaire be completed and stamped by a physician and that all immunizations are current. This form is to be submitted during registration.
  • All health information is confidential. However, the President, Executive Vice President, Provost, and Dean of Student Affairs will have access to this information (as needed).
  • Applicants attending the American University in Dubai should read, understand and agree to the terms set forth in this agreement prior to their class registration.

FORM 3: Undergraduate Reservation and Enrollment Agreement

FORM 4: Undergraduate Confirmation of University Records - (for Transfer Students only)

  • This is required from every university attended by the student before joining AUD.
  • The form should be filled and signed by the Registrar’s Office and emailed directly to the AUD Admissions office on from the university’s official e-mail (personal emails not accepted).

FORM 5: Final Transcript Agreement


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