Alumni Relations

We are committed to connecting AUD’s alumni diverse, professional, talented, and vibrant community to their alma mater and among each other.

The AUD Alumni Relations fosters a sense of community among successful graduates who remain extremely engaged with the university leading to an active alumni network, which in turn, favors lifelong career advancement and contribution to the university.

The alumni relations division aims to build and sustain enduring relationships between the university and its alumni, with academic, corporate, and government entities that will help increase visibility and awareness of AUD while benefiting members of the university community, most notably the students and faculty.

AUD Alumni can claim the Alumni ID Card from the Registrar’s Office, which provides special discounts from businesses in the community and access to –

  • AUD Library (subject to the Library’s rules and regulations);
  • Sports Facilities (requires prior approval by AUD Administration based on a first come first serve basis/availability and subject to AUD’s rules and regulations);
  • Campus amenities (stores, services, etc..)

 The facilities can be accessed and used by AUD Alumni only, after signing a waiver form to access the same - Contact us at for more information.


THE address accounts are no longer active! Stay tuned to our news by reactivating your student “mymail” at and sign in with your AUD Mymail email address. Should you find any difficulty throughout the process, our IT Team is always available, you can reach them at


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