Athletics Division

Students who engage in sports work as part of a team, develop leadership skills, and maximize their potential for success.


The Athletics Division is committed to providing a developed athletic program to complement the AUD academic experience. Students engaged in athletics and sports have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, work in a team and learn that regular practice and dedication leads to success. In addition, the AUD's athletics program seeks to develop and maintain physical fitness in all members of the AUD community through our dedicated facilities.


AUD's athletic programs cater to all types of athletes by providing a variety of sports programs and athletic opportunities that are accessible to all students. For the highly skilled and highly competitive athlete, AUD competes in a number of intercollegiate sports, as well as international competitions. Regular tournaments, games, and friendly matches form the core of the competitive sports program. Good training and dedicated, professional coaches are key elements of the programs. For those who are short on time but still like to compete, the AUD Athletic Division has an intramural program that offers many opportunities throughout the school year. At the beginning of every term, tryouts are held for a week for all the new students in order to recruit talented athletes for the AUD varsity teams.

Note: Students who represent AUD on an intercollegiate sports team must be able to balance academics with the demanding schedule of training and competition. Team members must understand that practices and games are held in the evening. Students who schedule courses starting at 7:00 p.m. may not be able to remain active on the team, because attending practices is mandatory. Absences for team members are subject to the AUD Athletics Policy for Excused Absences.

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