Why Study at AUD

We are one of the most established international universities in the region, located in one of the fastest growing and developing cities in the world. Building upon years of success, we know how to educate and we know we do it exceptionally well.

We endeavor to ensure that AUD remains American in substance as well as in name, and are committed to adhering to the policies, operations and overall best practices, as followed in American higher education. 

We believe it is every student’s right to achieve their objectives and aspirations, and providing our support in their quest for further education is our ultimate goal.

We are committed to the importance of teamwork and outreach in order to establish beneficial professional collaborations, and value the use of innovation in the creation of knowledge, creative expression and continuous improvement.


It is widely recognized that something sets American universities apart. We believe that this is down to series of values, distinguishing AUD from other educational institutions; values that have consistently underpinned AUD’s operations and development since the University was formed in 1995.

AUD Viewbook

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