The Mission of the American University in Dubai is to serve as a culturally diverse learning community committed to the pursuit of knowledge through excellence in teaching and scholarly and creative endeavor, leading to students’ academic, personal and professional success, as well as the advancement of society.


The Philosophy of The American University in Dubai is derived directly from its mission. In its essence, AUD is a learning community. This is most noticeably manifested in the aspirations of two principal constituencies – students and faculty. Students seek to learn through the acquisition of knowledge and skill. Exposure to human, cultural and experiential diversity plays a crucial role in this acquisition process. Many avenues are open to faculty for learning, including their own scholarly and creative activity. Contributing to knowledge via this activity helps faculty fulfill their most important commitment; that is, imparting knowledge to the students they teach and mentor.
It is expected that as learners committed to continuous improvement, students – following graduation – will be successful in fulfilling their personal and professional objectives; and that faculty – through the on-going processes of study and knowledge advancement – will contribute to and develop expertise in their disciplines and become ever more effective teachers.
All strive to become better thinkers. The university is confident that the appropriate exercise of its Philosophy, reflecting an innate drive towards academic excellence, constitutes its most significant contribution to the shaping of a better world.


  • To cultivate and reward excellence, especially as it affects the imparting, acquisition, and advancement of knowledge; 
  • To guide students in the use of their knowledge and skills for personal and professional fulfillment; 
  • To foster an appreciation of the history and on-going development of human culture; 
  • To develop critical thinking, effective communication and lifelong learning skills; 
  • To promote the value of ethical behavior, responsibility, and commitment; 
  • To provide academic programs, services, facilities, and technologies that offer diverse opportunities for learning; 
  • To recruit and retain a diverse faculty of qualified educators, providing them with the environment and opportunity to flourish as teachers and contributors to knowledge in and practice of their disciplines; 
  • To foster intercultural understanding as a basis for preparing students as members of a global community; 
  • To contribute to the economic and societal development of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates and beyond. 


  • Enhanced standards and quality in program offerings;
  • Selective diversification in program portfolio;
  • The liberal arts as the wider context for life-long learning and professional readiness;
  • Ever more “American” in terms of the total educational experience;
  • Strengthened integration with local community (university as an intellectual, pedagogical and socio-cultural reference point);
  • Embracing the expansion of physical resources and technological application as opportunities for cutting edge delivery of its academic programs and services.
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