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School of Engineering

The School of Engineering provides students with an opportunity to experience world-class engineering education in one of the fastest growing cities in the world


We prepare our students for successful professional careers in engineering both on a regional and global level. Our highly experienced faculty provides students with the knowledge needed for technical excellence in engineering, while underlining the role of general education, ethical and social responsibility.

At the School of Engineering we place a strong emphasis on the importance of life-long learning for personal and professional growth. As such we maintain solid ties with engineering leaders and the industry at large, both through our widespread alumni and faculty network.

With local and international accreditations in place, and through a broad education grounded in cultural diversity and technical excellence, our graduates continue to be highly sought at both the regional and global levels.



School News

Cooperation between AUD and Spanish Multinational 'Acciona'
Nov 12, 2019

I moved from Italy to attend The American University in Dubai and pursue a degree in Civil Engineering. It was difficult for me to leave behind my friends, family and the surroundings in which I felt safe and comfortable. What I expected to find in Dubai was the perfect environment for a university student majoring in civil engineering. What appeared in front of my eyes was the biggest construction site on Earth. For some people it might be annoying, for me that’s much more interesting than any TV show.


Being an engineering student at AUD makes you unique - not because you have tough courses - but for having the E building as your home for four years. As an engineering student, there is a lot of homework, lab work, and projects but at the same time you socialize with your fellow students, make strong bonds, and learn beyond your classroom walls.