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Placement Tests

Your Chance to An Enriching Education

The placement tests are scheduled both online and on-campus with limited capacity (for the on-campus sessions) to comply with the directives of the COVID-19 health and safety measurements. The students who are in UAE are kindly advised to choose on-campus sessions to give priority to the international applicants for the online sessions.

Placement Test Dates

Summer I, Summer II, Fall 2021 Placement Tests


English and Math
Accuplacer Exam*

 Computer Exam**


English - 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Math - 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm

10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Exam Fees

Math and/or English AED 315 – Computer AED 150


March 2021

Mon. 15 (online exam for Summer I/II applicants only), Tues. 30

Mon. 15 (online exam for Summer I/II applicants only)

April 2021

Wed. 7, Tues. 20


May 2021

Tues. 4, Wed. 25


June 2021

Tues. 8, Tues. 15, Tues. 22

Sun. 20

July 2021

Tues. 6, Tues. 13, Tues. 27

Sun. 11, Sun. 25

August 2021

Mon. 2, Wed. 4, Thurs. 12,
Mon. 16, Tues. 17, Wed. 18, Thurs. 19, Mon. 23, Tues. 24, Wed. 25

Sun. 1, Sun. 8, Sun. 15,
Sun. 18, Sun. 22, Sun. 24

Each placement test can only be taken once before the start of the semester.

International students who are outside of UAE can contact to book for an online test.

*Engineering and architecture students are required to take the Math placement test even if they have an acceptable SAT score.
**Engineering students are required to take the Computer Proficiency Exam prior to the scheduled date of entry. A student failing the exam will be required to enroll in and pass COMP 101. It should be noted that COMP 101 credit will not be considered as part of the Engineering program requirements.


  • To book your tests online, please use this link:
  • Placement exams will be conducted On Campus. Students require a Negative PCR test, valid at least for 4 days before they come to AUD campus (this includes the date of the exam)
  • The rules of retaking the English placement test for students who are currently enrolled or have been enrolled in the English language program previously need to be checked with the admissions office.
  • If you want to get your score report after the test, you can use this link and fill out the necessary information : --> For students --> Your ACCUPLACER score report.

    To be able to access the score reports after the test, you will need to add your email address on the personal information page on the test date.


Placement Tests Booking

Book your test online.

Placement Test Samples

For samples of the tests, you can check the below files, pass by the admissions office or use the ACCUPLACER Study App link.

Placement Test Information Sheet
Computer Proficiency Exam