Charting the Future: Sustainability, 6G Technology, and AI Insights with Jonathan Adelstein at AUD

In an enlightening and forward-thinking discussion

Oct 30, 2023
School of Business

In an enlightening and forward-thinking discussion at the American University in Dubai, Mr. Jonathan Adelstein, an accomplished expert in digital infrastructure, shared his invaluable insights. The university president, faculty, staff, students, and representatives from the U.S. Consulate General in Dubai were in attendance.

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Mr. Adelstein, who has a distinguished career history that includes serving as a Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission and overseeing rural infrastructure investments, shared his expertise on the pivotal intersection of technology and sustainability.

His talk centered on critical topics including implementing sustainability in energy grids, the advent of 6G technology, the transformative influence of generative AI, and the journey towards achieving the COP 28 sustainability goals.

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With a deep understanding of the digital landscape and its policy implications, Mr. Adelstein gave our audience a unique perspective on today's world's pressing challenges and opportunities. His extensive experience in advancing digital infrastructure and his role in the White House National Science and Technology Council underscored the relevance of his insights. The American University in Dubai was privileged to host such a distinguished speaker. Mr. Adelstein's discourse undoubtedly left a lasting impact on the attendees, fostering a deeper understanding of how the integration of cutting-edge technology can contribute to a sustainable and more interconnected future.

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