M.B.A. students simulate the intricacies of what industry giants go through to make a deal

An exciting academic venture orchestrated by Dr. Talal Mohammad for his M.B.A. class

Jul 10, 2023
School of Business

An exciting academic venture orchestrated by Dr. Talal Mohammad for his M.B.A. class, Operations and Supply Chain Management - MGMT 603, set the stage for a clash of entrepreneurial prowess.

Divided into two formidable groups, the class became immersed in a simulation that would push their negotiation skills to the limit.

Group B took on the role of a renowned U.S. pharmaceutical and cosmetic company and embarked on a daring expansion into the G.C.C. region. With their sights firmly fixed on the United Arab Emirates as their inaugural market, they sought the expertise of a local distributor, Group A, to navigate this uncharted territory.

Group A, consisting of Fayza, Noura, Brandon, Mohamad Galadari, Khaled Khodr, Jake, Ragheed, Mohamadreza, Maria, and Ariana, stood as representatives of a prominent local distributor, armed with real-world data and determination.

On the opposing front, Group B, led by Abdul Aziz, Abdullah, Ayna, Ahmad Kazim, Beenish, Ivan, Rami, Cynthia, and Mohamad Sawalha, embodied the power and vision of the U.S. company, armed with accurate figures and ambition.


The intensity of the negotiations unfolded across two rounds, each with its distinct purpose. Round one saw the participants breaking the ice in a whirlwind 20-minute session, exchanging crucial information, and engaging in insightful discussions encompassing customer insights, logistical considerations, and legal frameworks. It was a discovery and strategic planning round as the players laid the groundwork for what would come.

With the momentum building, round two ignited a fiery exchange of offers, negotiations, and high-stakes decision-making. As the minutes ticked away, these business-minded warriors left no stone unturned in pursuing a lucrative deal. Every detail was scrutinized, every aspect graded, and only the most realistic and fruitful outcomes were considered acceptable. And, if favorable, the groups would reach an agreement.


Amidst the electrifying atmosphere, it is crucial to note that hospitality played a pivotal role, ensuring a warm welcome and an ambiance befitting such a momentous occasion. The debate genuinely captured the essence of these entrepreneurial minds colliding.

The academic endeavor sharpened our student's negotiation skills and paved a path toward a future with the skill set needed to make or break deals. The resounding success of this class project is one to learn from and remember.

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