Poetry and Open Mic event

  Wednesday, February 13th marked the first year anniversary for AUD’s School of Arts and Sciences’ successful bimonthly Poetry and Open Mic event, initiated in February 2018.

Feb 21, 2019
School of Art

It was another fun-filled evening with talented students and faculty reciting and discussing their poetry—this time falling under the theme of ‘different forms of love’. Drs. Roula-Maria Dib, Omar Sabbagh, and Alan Hickman read some of their published works, while Dr. Amber Hendricks sang Stevie Wonder’s “Send Her Your Love”. Students from different majors engaged with their creative sides and presented as well as performed some great poems. Poems, songs, and talks included topics such as parental, spiritual, romantic, environmental, artistic, patriotic, and self love. For anyone interested in contributing to the next Poetry and Open Mic event, please contact Dr. Roula-Maria Dib at

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