American University in Dubai obtains software for research and teaching

Signs agreement with SAP University Alliances

Feb 20, 2012

The American University in Dubai (AUD) signed a new agreement with one of the world’s leading software companies SAP University Alliances, granting AUD Students and Faculty members the right to use SAP Software for research and teaching purposes.
One of AUD’s most important missions is providing its Students and Faculty members with the latest technology tools. Indeed, as a new member of the SAP University Alliances AUD gains access to the SAP Business Suite family of solutions, including SAP ERP. This comprehensive business software suite supports business, engineering, and information technology programs, enabling students to put classroom theory into practice through demonstrations, exercises and problem solving, case studies, and research programs[1].
Upon signing the agreement, Dr. Alaa Ashmawy, Dean of Engineering at AUD said: “The education initiative from SAP allows us to expose our students to yet another leading software system, and prepares them to enter the workforce with a unique skill set. We look forward to further collaboration with SAP on other academic and professional education initiatives.”
The signing ceremony took place at the University in the presence of following AUD and SAP senior administrative representatives: Mr. Qais Gharaibeh, Managing Director of SAP UAE; Mr. Haitham Farouk, University Alliances Program Manager of SAP MENA; Dr. Jihad Nader, AUD’s Provost/Chief Academic Officer; Dr. Alaa Ashmawy, Dean of Engineering; Dr. David Van Over, Dean of Business Administration; Dr. Wathiq Mansour, Professor of Computer Engineering; Dr. Hassan Zeineddine Assistant Professor of Information Systems; and Mrs. Peggy Awad, External Relations Manager at AUD.
Dr. Zeineddine commented: “AUD made a strategic decision to join the SAP University Alliances program. Interested faculties can stay current with the latest technological development in their corresponding fields, and share knowledge with peers around the globe. The net result is exceptional education for our students’ population.”
The SAP ERP System comes loaded with business cases and information emulating a real business environment allowing AUD students exposure to various business functions and transactions such as Customer Relationship, Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting, Human Resource, Operation Management, Process Control and Manufacturing. Being part of SAP University Alliances also entitles interested professors and staff to professional training and development.
“Game-changing ICT solutions are absolutely integral to fuelling ambitious transformation agendas across the UAE and ushering in a new era of inspired, knowledge-based economies,” said Mr. Qais Gharaibeh, UAE Managing Director, SAP MENA. He added: “As a member of SAP’s University Alliances Program, American University in Dubai students will gain invaluable and empowering expertise in the tools, resources and strategic thinking needed to add immediate value to the marketplace and help forge an innovative new future for this proud nation.”

With an office located a short walk from the AUD campus, SAP is one of the dominant players in the Enterprise Resource Planning field. It emulates a real-world business environment that offers students the chances to apply the skills they acquire at AUD and helps kick start their careers.
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