AUD Clubs Organize Community Event

AIA Fun Day for Special-Needs Children

Jan 31, 2015

The AUD International Aid Society (AIA) in collaboration with the AUD Debate Club, IEEE, The Agency, Lebanese Cultural Club, WEF, ACM, ASCE, WIE and Jamnation organized today a fun day for special-needs children.

Special Families Support (SFS) were invited to the event; they brought special-needs kids along with their families to enjoy the event. The day attracted about 200 people including the children, their families, and volunteers from the AUD community.

The children had the chance to interact with new people who were also fascinated to meet and have fun with them. The volunteers learned some sign language from the founder and head of SFS, Ms. Gulshan Kavarana.

The day’s activities included face painting, henna, raffle draw, ball toss, football, karaoke, teddy station, coloring, and a photo-booth; as well as food and drinks sponsored by Abela & co.

"This was the first time that such an event is organized on such a large scale at AUD. I speak on behalf of the entire AIA team and all the collaborating clubs when I say that this event was a huge success! It was great to see so many AUD students take part and interact so smoothly with the children; it was even greater to see the children having so much fun. This event gave us the opportunity to realize how lucky we are and that we take for granted even the simplest of things. Our appreciation goes to everyone who helped plan, organize, and implement this event! We will definitely be having more fun days for special needs children in the future" commented Sharon Albuquerque, AUD Student and AIA President.