AUD Hosts Consul General of Japan in Dubai

Shares first hand perspective on Japanese Economy

Mar 19, 2014

The School of Business Administration at the American University in Dubai welcomed H.E. Matsunaga Daisuke, Consul General of Japan in Dubai, to lecture students about the state of the economy in Japan. The aim of the talk was to give students insights into the economic structure and model of the Japanese economy, emphasizing the many ties between the UAE and Japan and its ever-growing presence.
H.E. Matsunaga Daisuke charted the history of the economy in Japan over the last years and gave indications of the directions he believes it is going in. An aspiring economist, Mr. Daisuke spoke passionately to students about the fluctuations in the market and the many factors affecting it to give them an overall view of the market in relation to the UAE.
He continued to explain how “the Japanese government is trying to revive the vigor of the Japanese economy so that we can secure a hopeful and bright future for our children and grandchildren. Since the advent of the cabinet we have applied very bold economic policies to stimulate the economy and reverse the deflationary trend and at the same time achieve fiscal stability. I have tried today to share with the young audience from the American University in Dubai how we are tackling these challenging questions.”
Dr. Udo Braendle, Chair of Business and Economics and Associate Professor of Management, explained, “Japan is a major trading partner for the UAE. If the Japanese economy is doing well, the UAE will benefit. Under ‘Abenomics’, a mix of government spending and a growth strategy, Japan has done well recently. The School of Business Administration is grateful to Consul General Daisuke for giving our students and faculty a first-hand insight into Japan, one of the most important economies in the world.”
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