AUD hosts English Classes for UAE Workers in its 7th Edition

AUD International Aid Society (AIA) started today its 7th English Classes for UAE Workers at AUD in partnership with Adopt-A-Camp.

Jan 30, 2015

AUD International Aid Society (AIA) started today its 7th English Classes for UAE Workers at AUD in partnership with Adopt-A-Camp. A large number of workers from around the UAE came to the campus to be a part of this campaign and learn the language.
Volunteers from AUD and Dubai offered their time and teaching skills. The classes are taking place throughout ten consecutive weeks, every Friday for two hours, at the end of which certificates will be handed out during a graduation ceremony and celebratory dinner.
“We have welcomed a very large and diverse group of volunteers, from inside and outside the AUD community, willing to teach the workers. They had fun interacting with the workers for the very first time, and look forward to the upcoming class," shared Rishabh Ghuwalewala, Vice President of the AIA.
The first week started off with a volunteer orientation session as well as student placement tests. The students were interviewed to determine their English language level and be placed in the appropriate learning level - beginner, intermediate, and advanced – as well as a new reading and writing group. This day also included a meet-and-greet session for students and volunteers to mingle and get ready for the upcoming classes.
The English language lessons were planned by one of last year's volunteers, Ms. Lisa Gibson, and improved this year by the suggestions of Prof. Gail Hammill, Assistant Professor of English at AUD, and the AIA officers.
"The AUD students involved in AIA are doing a tremendous amount of work to make sure that the classes they offer will provide the greatest possible benefit to their English students. I am impressed and inspired by their dedication, energy, and organization. We also have more community involvement than ever before, which is a great sign of the success of these classes," commented Prof. Hammill.
AIA's mission serves as an opportunity for AUD students, staff, faculty, and beyond to assist communities around the world in areas of health, education and poverty alleviation.

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