AUD Hosts Presentation by American Consulate Representative

Tribute to Black History Month and Spirit of Humanity

Feb 27, 2014

The American University in Dubai (AUD) hosted today a presentation by Mr. Daniel Aragon, Public Affairs Officer at the US Consulate in Dubai, entitled ‘Tribute to black history month and the spirit of humanity’.

Mr. Aragon, holder of a PhD in History from Auburn University, is a US diplomat and serves as the Public Affairs Officer at the US Consulate in Dubai. His office is responsible for public affairs, education, art, and culture for the US Mission in Dubai and the five Northern Emirates.

This presentation is aligned with AUD’s commitment to the American educational philosophy stressing a well-rounded student experience, in addition to the External Relations Office’s mission to establish and flourish strong relationships with academic, corporate and government entities. “The American University in Dubai values its ongoing collaboration with the US Consulate in Dubai. Our relationship has evolved in many ways to help further enhance AUD’s educational mission and goals. This gathering was a true testament to such accomplishments that we hope to host yearly” explains Ms. Peggy Awad, Director of External Relations.

“Black History Month is dedicated to highlighting the challenges and achievements of African-Americans and symbolizes the spirit of humanity of the American people as we strive to create ‘a more perfect union”’ explains Mr. Aragon.

The Black History Month is an annual observance in the United States for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora. Mr. Aragon’s presentation offered explanation of the meaning of Black History Month as well as exhibition of influential past and current African American icons and their accomplishments. “It was a moment to behold, seeing our students embrace diversity as they have always done and show up to listen and learn about Black History Month from the US Consulate Public Affairs Officer. The presentation was interesting and eye-opening at the same time to a lot of our students. This is what we are always looking for because such lectures add value to the Classroom education that our students get here at AUD” comments Ms. Mary Mwende, Administrative Assistant of the External Relations Office.