AUD Students meet famous F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa

AUD Engineering students attended the prestigious gala dinner that was organized recently by Shell

Oct 31, 2013

AUD Engineering students attended the prestigious gala dinner that was organized recently by Shell to celebrate its years of collaboration with Ferrari. Omar Hegazi and Mohamad Fikre Haj Husein were invited to take part in this special occasion. Before the dinner, the students toured Shell’s lab and garage where they met experts responsible for Ferrari motors’ preparations. The highlight of the dinner was meeting the famous F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa. “Shell provided us with an amazing opportunity to talk to their experts and visit their highly specialized labs, which allowed us to appreciate their sophisticated technology” expressed Omar and Mohamad.

During the event, Mr. Ian Albiston, Logistic Manager of Shell, provided a brief explanation about the tasks that Shell team performs before and after each F1 race. Furthermore, Shell’s lab experts introduced their new technologies and tests performed on the lubricants they provide to Ferrari motors. They also talked about the importance and the role of each of the tests performed on their lubricants. “It was shocking to know that Ferrari engines get disposed of once they work for 2500 kilometers only! However, this is expected from Ferrari’s high-performance engines… The F1 Ferrari simulator let us go through what F1 drivers experience during their races.” commented the students.

Furthermore, Mr. Albiston talked about the achievements of Alonso and Massa. After the tour, the students had a chance to talk to participants from other universities who partook in Shell Eco-marathon Competition.

The event ended with a dinner in Yas Viceroy Hotel, where AUD students had the honor to meet the two famous F1 Drivers, Alonso and Massa. As Shell Eco-marathon participants, they were distinguished when Shell allowed them to take pictures with the famous drivers and have their autographs. “It feels incredible to be distinguished among all the attendees and have an exclusive opportunity to get autographs and take pictures with Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa!

In related news, AUD Engineering students participated recently in the UAE Shell Eco-Marathon Showcase test run that was held at Yas Marania South Circuit in Abu Dhabi along with the fuel-efficient car they had designed and built. The AUD team completed the test run in the presence of senior Shell officials led by Andrew Vaughan, Vice President and Country Chairman for the UAE.