DTCM visit AUD to discuss "Dubai Business Events"

The Dubai Business Events team join forces with the AUD community to increase

Oct 02, 2017

The American University in Dubai hosted this week the “Dubai Business Events” team from the Dubai Corporation for Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM) for a working lunch to discuss the many possibilities of co-hosting international academic and trade conferences at AUD.
Director of Dubai Business Events, Mr. Steen Jakobsen said: “The Dubai Business Events department is thriving, and we believe that the UAE and Dubai in particular has all the tools, teams and knowledge to attract the most reputable and important business events in the world, to be hosted in this dynamic and budding city. We at Dubai Business Events and DTCM believe that there is no event too small or too large that wouldn’t benefit the city and community of Dubai. This can be achieved by further solidifying and growing existing partnerships such as the one we have with the American University in Dubai”.
AUD Provost Dr. Imad Hoballah, welcomed our long term partners DTCM, stating that both institutions have a great track record in hosting top local and international conferences, sharing a thirst for knowledge, education and excellence.
In attendance were representatives from all of the AUD academic departments, who presented information on the upcoming conferences and events that they will be hosting, discussing the support and engagement that Dubai Business Events can provide to streamline the conference preparation process.
Mr. Jakobsen was joined his team members, including AUD Alumni Mr. Abdullah Yousuf, Ms. Sheikha Bangit, Ms. Elmira Abdulraoof and Ms. Oroba Ali Moosa Hussein.
The AUD community looks forward to working on many collaborations with our distinguished partners DTCM Dubai Business Events division.