EdUniversal World Convention at AUD

2017 EdUniversal World Convention

Nov 09, 2017

The American University in Dubai is hosting the 2017 EdUniversal World Convention on its campus starting Thursday the 9th of November.

Eduniversal Group is a global leader in higher education information whose goal is to provide students worldwide with the tools to find the best education opportunities. Eduniversal's widely recognized academic rankings are the center piece of a global ecosystem of websites and services. Last year more than 4,250,000 students used EdUniversal in their search for the right program. These include prospective students considering changing careers, setting up their own businesses, physical mobility, building contact networks, international experience, financial considerations, the right specializations, and location of schools.

The collaboration with the American university in Dubai enhances one of the institution’s key objectives, to always promote its student and faculty achievement and excellence, while giving the School of Business Administration a growing network of partnership opportunities as the conference gathers more than 190 delegates, including 85 Business School deans and associate deans from around the world.

This opportunity was made possible with the support of the Dubai Business Events division, of Dubai Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM), who assisted the AUD School of Business Administration in the bidding process for the 10th EdUniversal World Convention, which was previously hosted in Perth, Paris, Shanghai and Istanbul.

The five-day 2017 Dubai EdUniversal World Convention welcomes several honorable guests and international speakers, with H.E. Dr. Mohamed Al Mualla - Secretary General, Ministry of Education delivering the keynote speech.

AUD’s Business School was ranked number 1 in the UAE at the 2016 Convention in Perth.

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