"Recruitment, the reality", by Mr. Bruno Durpoix

The CEO of BD Select Mr. Bruno Durpoix addresses students to discuss employment after graduation.

Jun 18, 2017

Mr. Bruno Durpoix, CEO of BD Select and member of the SBA Advisory board gave a guest presentation to the SBA HRM class last Thursday June 15, titled was “Recruitment, the reality”.

“It was an amazing lecture with Mr. Bruno. He mentioned a lot of things about recruitment that we should know. The most useful part of the lecture was when he mentioned how we should answer some questions at the interview. Such as what salary do you expect? I also liked the way he candidly spoke about his failures in 2010, and how he almost quit and went back to France. However, he decided to assess where he was going wrong and stayed to correct the things he needed to. I would rather die fighting, he said.” Mustafa Hasan
“The session was invaluable to me as I believe young people nowadays are always forced to fit in a certain stereotype- especially when it comes to the corporate world. We should do or say things in order to appear different, to fit.  Bruno advised us to always be ourselves in a job interview and that is all I believe in- authenticity. An employee shall seek to add value to his organization by hiring you for who you are, not who you want to be. Thank you for this wonderful session!”  Sofiya Karaboikova
“Thank you for giving us a great opportunity to meet Mr. Bruno today. Thus far, this was the best experience I have had with a guest speaker. I especially enjoyed the overview of the actual work place and recruitment process. Very practical. Realistic. Loved today's class!” Richelle Soni
“Today's lecture focused on how to gain a niche in the market as fresh graduates, what to expect in the "real world", and how to tackle tricky questions that could make or break your interview. From the many things I learnt, the main thing were how to respond to the compensation questions - such as "How much salary are you expecting?", and also the important information such as not to keep jumping from place to place, or job to job every two years- and that we can't be a tiger, we need to settle and gain experience in one place.  Overall, the lecture gave me a lot of in depth information and  insight about the recruitment process.” Saakshi Rochlani 
“I learnt that instead of trying to gain a lot of experience and jumping from job to job, we should really develop ourselves in one or two jobs in order to grow in that specialized field. Also, he made it important to be ourselves!” Dana Ismail