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Allwyn Fonseca

Technical Supervisor – Editing and Studio Facility


Allwyn Fonseca built a 19 years experience in the Broadcast industry (8 years with United Television-India as a System Engineer & 11 years at Panasonic, Dubai as System Engineer & Sales/Marketing, supporting Panasonic partners in ME & Africa. He is specialized in System Architects, Maintenance - Service Support & Sales -Marketing.

Allwyn proficiently developed new markets for Panasonic in Africa and Middle East and contributed to the increase of the brand's market share in these regions.

Since 2005, he was annually trained and certified in Japan on every new Broadcast/System product manufactured by Panasonic.

He completed a 2 year ITI Examination Course in the Trade of Radio & TV Mumbai, India & a 6

month Computer Hardware Engineering course at St. Andrews Technical Institute, Mumbai, India.

Allwyn joined AUD in January 2017 as a Technical Supervisor (Editing and Studio Facilities) at MBRSC.

His hobbies are traveling, sports activities, singing & music.