Mousa Barhouma

Professor of Communication and Information Studies - Journalism - Arabic Track

Mohammed Bin Rashid School for Communication

Ph.D. in Philosophy: Hermeneutics of the Religious Text, University of Jordan
M.A. in Philosophy: Contemporary Arab Thought, University of Jordan
B.A. in Arabic Literature, University of Jordan

Dr. Barhouma started his career in journalism as an editor in 1985, then gradually took several positions until he was Editor in Chief of the Jordanian daily newspaper Al Ghad, one of the prominent Arab daily newspapers.
Since then, Dr. Barhouma has held several positions as editor and journalist for publications around the world. Before joining AUD in Fall 2015, Dr. Barhouma held an Associate Professor position at the University of Philadelphia. He has a wide array of experience training in his field; he has offered courses and workshops on journalism, and communication skills as well as workshops held in Morocco, Sharm el-Sheik, and The Jordanian institute for Media, Amman among which he has trained Jordanian government officials on mass communication.

  • Prose Texts - The Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing - Beirut 1997
  • Arab Heritage and the Material Mind: A Study on the Thought of Hussein Mroueh - The Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing, First Edition - Beirut 2004
  • Arab Heritage and the Material Mind, 2nd edition (Augmented and Modified) - Dar al-Tanweer - Beirut 2017
  • The Sky Speakers: A Study on the Thought of Nasr Hamid Abu Zayd - Arab Cultural Center - Beirut, Casablanca 2013
  • Until the Beginning of Passion (Novel) - Book Cultural Center - Beirut, Casablanca 2017
  • Finding Trouble: Media Writing Skills. National House - Amman - 2020

Professional Experience
Editor and writer in the following newspapers, magazines, and journals:
  • Al Dustour daily newspaper. (Jordan)
  • Al Arai daily newspaper (Jordan)
  • Al Arab Elyoum daily newspaper (Jordan)
  • Al Shaab daily newspaper  (Jordan)
  • Al Ahaly  daily newspaper (Jordan)
  • Weekly columnist in Al Hayat daily newspaper since 2000 (London)
  • Al Quds Al-Arabi daily newspaper (London)
  • Al Zaman newspaper (London)
  • Al Wasat magazine. (London)
  • Elaph electronic newspaper (London)
  • Qantara electronic newspaper (Germany)
  • Nazwa magazine (Oman)
  • Al Jeel magazine (Beirut)
  • Al Mustaqbal daily newspaper (Beirut)
  • Al Akhbar daily newspaper (Beirut)
  • Al Huriya magazine (Damascus)
  • Strategic Afaq magazine (Abu Dhabi)
  • Filmirsad electronic newspaper (Jordan)
  • The What electronic newspaper (Morocco)
  • Al Ghad daily newspaper (Jordan)
  • Albab quarterly magazine

  • Member of the Jordanian Journalist Union
  • Member of the Jordanian Writers Association
  • Member of the Union of Arab Writers
  • Member of the Committee of the Jordanian National Dialogue
  • Member of the Committee of Dubai Award for Arab Journalism 
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