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Michael Rice

Chair of the Department of Visual Communication and Associate Professor of Studio Art

School of Architecture, Art & Design


M.A. Multidisciplinary Design, Ceramics, University of Ulster, N Ireland 
Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Art and Design, University of Ulster, N Ireland 
B.A. Hons Fine Craft Design, Ceramics, University of Ulster, N Ireland

Prof. Rice joined AUD in the Fall of 2014. As an Educator, he has taught in universities, schools, colleges, and art centers worldwide and as an Artist he has undertaken artist residencies in the UK, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Dubai. He specializes in ceramics and is particularly interested in firing procedures such as Raku, smoke, and Saggar firing; his work is also concerned with surface, gestalt principals, and form.

He says, “the spiral is ubiquitous for human beings. Astronomers see its structure in celestial bodies; scientists see it in the infinitesimal DNA helix. I think of it as a symbol and signature of the infinite. In my work I’m attempting to create surfaces and textures that have a timeless quality, something that is difficult to date to a specific culture or place. This complemented with the form of the pieces creates a synthesis which I feel gives them an archetypal presence.”

Michael has been a recipient of the Arts Council of N. Ireland Individual Artist Award in 2005, 2006, 2008 and 2009; his work is featured on the International ceramics website, and he publishes regular articles in the international magazine of Art and Craft ‘Ceramic Review’, several of which are now in the annals of the British Library.

When not teaching, Michael enjoys creating new works to exhibit.
Selected Exhibitions

  • University of Ulster Belfast, May 1997
  • The Pottery Workshop, Hong Kong, April 1998
  • Art and Perception Gallery Sydney, Aug 1999
  • Witchcraft Gallery Dublin, Oct 2001
  • Carlin Gallery London, Feb 2002
  • Tom Caldwell Gallery Belfast, July 2004
  • NCA Gallery Lahore, Dec 2006

  • James Wray Gallery Belfast, Nov 2009
  • Sikka, Design Days, Art Dubai, Dubai March 2012
  • AUD Rotunda Gallery Dubai, Feb 2014