Indrakshi Tandon

Assistant Professor of Anthropology

School of Arts & Sciences

Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies


BSc in Zoology, Delhi University (India)
MSc and MPhil in Anthropology, Delhi University (India)
PhD in Anthropology, State University of New York at Albany (New York, USA)

Dr. Tandon has been living and working in Dubai since 2014. She joined AUD in the Spring of 2020 before which she was working as an Adjunct Instructor in Zayed University for 5 years. In her teaching career Dr Tandon has taught a number of Anthropology and International Studies courses. She is a firm believer of fostering a classroom environment where students can learn to think creatively, develop critical analysis skills, and be active participants rather than passive receivers of knowledge.

Her research specialization is in Gender and Development in South Asia, including but not limited to the integration of gender into development policy, participatory development, transnational and global connections, and the role of NGOs and civil society organizations in development. Her doctoral dissertation research was on the impacts of a watershed development project being implemented by a mid-size NGO in central India on the Bhil tribal community, specifically focusing on how postcoloniality, participatory development discourses and narratives of gender mainstreaming shape development outcomes among beneficiary communities, and more broadly, impact national policies. She has published articles in journals such as Gender, Place and Culture, and has authored two book chapters. She actively contributes to presenting her research in international conferences. Dr. Tandon has also worked in the non-profit sector as a consultant to evaluate the implementation of a rural digital program. Currently she is working as a contributing author on Gender, Adaptation and the Sustainable Development Goals for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report.

In her free time, she enjoys travelling, photography, reading, and watching movies.

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