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Ioannis Ramos

Coordinator of Humanities and Social Sciences and Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies

School of Arts & Sciences


Ph.D., Latin American Literature, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
M.A., Latin American Literature, Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
B.A., Spanish Language and Literature, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain
As a Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish at AUD, Dr. Ramos is teaching SPAN101 and SPAN102 starting in Fall 2015.
Before joining AUD, he was a research assistant at the University of Salamanca thanks to a Doctoral scholarship granted by the Spanish Ministry of Education (2008-2012). After which he specialized in the teaching of Spanish as a Second Language at International House in Madrid and worked as a Spanish language instructor at Mester Language School in Salamanca. In the 2014-15 academic year he worked as a Spanish Language and History teacher at St. Michael’s Secondary School in Madrid.
Apart from his interest in the teaching of Spanish, he is especially fond of Latin American literature and culture. His Ph.D. thesis was a study on the literary thought of Venezuelan poet and critic Guillermo Sucre (1933) (La última claridad. El pensamiento literario de Guillermo Sucre). Dr. Ramos’s current research focuses on contemporary Latin American thought and in particular on the works of essayists of the XIXth and early XXth centuries such as Sarmiento, Martí, Henríquez Ureña, Reyes and Picón Salas. What he likes the most about Latin American studies is the fact that writing has historically functioned as a means of constructing social reality. This makes it the perfect domain to analyze and understand the relations between power and writing.
He enjoys travelling, meeting new people, learning languages and spending time with my friends and family.