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Akram Al Matarneh

Associate Professor of Business Administration

School of Business Administration


Ph.D., Law, University of Wollongong, Australia
M.Phil., Law, University of Macquarie, Australia
LL.M., University of Western Sydney, Australia
LL.B., Mu’tah University, Jordan

Dr. Almatarneh is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at American University in Dubai. He was previously a member of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wollongong- Australia, where he taught Law of Business Organizations.
Prior to teaching, Dr. Almatarneh worked as a senior legal consultant for one of the most prestigious law firms called International Business Law Associates, Amman, Jordan.  During that period, he provided high quality advice for internal and external clients on a number of legal issues for different areas of practice. He also served as a professional regulatory risk adviser in the wealth management arm at a leading financial services institution, being the National Australia Bank Group.
His main research interests are in the field of business law, business ethics, foundations of business, international trade law, and privacy & data protection law. He is the author and co-authored of a number of referred articles, namely:

  • Smokers: To Hire or Not? A Human Resources Ethics Issue: Case Scenario and Good Practices for Human Resources-Ethics Consideration" (2019) Vol. 15:2018 Journal of Business Ethics in Education.


  • Ethical and Legal Implications of Whistleblowing: A View from United Arab Emirates’ (2018) Vol 15 Issue 2, Ethics and Economics 32-45.


  • Hiring and Managing Smokers in the Modern Workplace A Cultural and Ethics Issue’, (2018) Vol 14, No 1 (June 2018), The Journal of Human Resource and Adult Learning 104-112.


Akram holds a Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD) form University of Wollongong, Australia, Master of Philosophy (M.Phil.) from Macquarie University, Australia, Master of Laws International Business Law) from University of Western Sydney, Australia and Bachelor of Laws from Mu’tah University, Jordan.