Hazar Ahmed

Enrollment Officer

Office of Admissions


B.F.A., American University in Dubai, U.A.E.

I became a member of AUD’s community in February 5, 2017. Before joining AUD, Al Balad Theatre, Amman, was the experience that I have learned from most, regarding events. I was involved in the preparations of 4 concerts, one of them was for Syria’s children. In addition, I was responsible for the political Graphic Designer Hafez Omar’s exhibition. Later, I joined Jean-Paul Najar Foundation and took part in the opening of the foundation. At the Foundation, I assisted in curating their first exhibition, archived artworks, and gave the audience tours.

I am constantly looking for challenges and their solutions. Team work is my stimulation and I am always willing to give aid and assistance. Creating and implementing events is my area of proficiency. Nevertheless, my escape is through painting, sculpting, swimming, and listening to music.