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Reopening Fall 2020

Operation of Educational Establishments during the Pandemic: Protocols & Procedures (Fourth Release 4.0)

This document outlines the protocols, requirements, and precautionary measures that all educational establishments in the UAE should follow in order to achieve a safe, healthy, and learning-stimulating learning environment when educational establishments are opened during the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic. This Document relies on the general framework adopted by the UAE for the re-opening of educational establishments at the time of the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic.

This Document may be changed or amended without notice, as directed by the authorities concerned or the relevant authorities of the Government or the Emirate, at any time, depending on developments.

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Guidelines for Management of Covid-19 in Educational and Academic Settings

AUD Faculty Documents and Resources

Faculty Guidelines for Online Classes Fall 2020
Fall 2020 General Classroom Guidelines during COVID-19
Guidelines for Hyflex Classes

For Students

COVID-19 Pledge
Remote Learning and Examination Guidelines for Students Fall 2020
Guidelines for Hyflex Classes
Library Guide

At AUD we use Blackboard for Online Learning. Click Here


  1. What is a No-Pass (“NP”) grade? The “NP” grade policy has been employed to address the special circumstances of remote instruction as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.  A No-Pass (“NP”) will be issued automatically for each course in which a student receives a final grade of “F”.
  2. Do I have to repeat the course in which I obtain an “NP” grade? Yes. Students would need to retake the course (or its approved equivalent) at a later time subject to the regular fee schedule published by the university during the semester in which the course(s) is taken.  
  3. What is the difference between an “NP” and a Fail (‘F’)? For one, the “NP”' does not impact the GPA and does not count as one of the 3 attempts that students have to take a course. An “NP” also ensures a student avoids having an ‘F’ on his/ her transcript. 
  4. What is a “P” grade? A “P’ is the grade used to denote a passed course. This grade notation shall not be issued automatically. Students who receive a passing grade in a course but wish to convert their letter grade to P will have to apply for that. Students who apply to change their letter grade to “P” will not be allowed to revert back to the letter grade thereafter.
  5. Does either the “P” or “NP” grade affect my GPA? Neither of these counts towards a student’s semester or Cumulative GPA
  6. What do I need to do to change my letter grade to a “P”? Upon the release of the Fall 2020 grades, students who receive a passing grade in a course and wish to receive a Pass (“P”) as opposed to a letter grade may submit an online request to have their grade changed to “P”. The online platform through which this change may be requested will be shared with all students by December 20.
  7. When is the last day to change letter grade to a “P”? You must submit this request no later than December 21, 2020
  8. Does changing my letter grade to a “P” affect my Dean’s List notation? Yes, students who opt for a grade change to “P” in any course will not be eligible for the Dean’s Honor List.
  9. Does a “P” grade affect my graduation with honors? No. Having a “P” grade in the transcript does not affect a student’s eligibility to graduate with honors
  10. Who should I talk to in case I am not sure whether to request a “P” or not? You should meet with your Academic Advisor to discuss questions related to the impact of a ‘P’ on your overall academic progress or standing.


  1. Exams will be held as per the Fall 2020 Final Exam Schedule published by the Registrar’s Office.
  2. Some courses will require online exams proctored by the Respondus Lockdown Browser (all or select components) through Blackboard and, when required, Zoom. In such cases, students must have their camera functional for the duration of the exam.
  3. Instructions for students on how to use these tools can be found here: BB Lockdown Browser For Students.pdf Instructions for Students - Zoom and Respondus Lockdown Browser.pdf
  4. Final grades will be posted by December 20, 2020
  5. After final grades are posted and where applicable, students can submit a request for a ‘Pass’ through the Registrar’s Portal by December 21, 2020

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