President's Awards 2021

Recipient of the 2021 President’s Award


Awarded to faculty member(s) who have excelled in teaching.

DR. HAITHAM SOLH - Professor of Mathematics
Teaching Excellence: Dr. Haitham Solh

“I personally have never had the honor of observing Dr. Solh teach. I am certain, however, that he brings the same commitment, dedication, perseverance and passion he brings as a long-distance runner, a father and a husband. “


Awarded annually to a faculty or staff member for a superlative contribution to AUD’s institutional effectiveness initiatives.

PROFESSOR ELISSA AYOUB - Interim Associate Dean, MBRSC and Assistant Professor of Digital Production and Storytelling
Institutional Effectiveness: Professor Elissa Ayoub

“The work behind fulfilling accreditation requests and meeting deadlines takes an inordinate amount of time and a high level of skill and commitment. I have heard first hand from the Provost and the IE Office on what an amazing job she has done leading her school through this essential exercise.

And, in additional to retaining her exceptional level of scholarship productivity, she has contributed to this requirement to retain AUD’s stature always with amazing skill, grace, humility,…and an admirable sense of professionalism and decorum.”


Awarded to a faculty or staff member who has made significant ongoing contributions to AUD above and beyond the call of duty. The selected faculty or staff member is one whose impact on the institution is formidable and universally recognized.

Distinguished Service: The Office of Admissions

“Members of this team immerse themselves in their profession and you learn quickly through observation that what they do is as much an art as a skill.

In the two years I have been here, I have watched a team work diligently, professionally and with passion,…early in the morning and until late in the evening and quite often, on weekends.

This work and dedication, I respect it, I admire it and I am proud to award the President’s Award for Distinguished Service to the AUD Office of Admissions.”

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