AUD Students the 1st Team to Build an Electric Car in the UAE

AUD Engineering students participated recently in the UAE Shell Eco-Marathon Showcase test run

Sep 30, 2012

AUD Engineering students participated recently in the UAE Shell Eco-Marathon Showcase test run that was held at Yas Marania South Circuit in Abu Dhabi along with the fuel-efficient car they had designed and built. AUD team completed the test run in the presence of senior Shell officials led by Andrew Vaughan, vice president and country chairman for the UAE. Omar Labban, Mechanical Engineering Senior at AUD and Team Leader said: “We designed and built the car out of passion; we were moved by making a working machine and not for the grades.

Since AUD signed up for the Shell Eco-Marathon Competition two years ago, Engineering students from all majors combined took the first year for research prior to building the car. Guided by Dr. Kwon Joong Son, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at AUD, the team decided to build an electric car, becoming the first UAE team to build such a vehicle and the first to have female members aboard. The eco-friendly car was put together on campus using 3 bicycle wheels, since the concept was to build a fuel-efficient automobile that can run the longest. “We would like to thank Dr. Kwon, our team advisor, who helped us manage the task and advised us all along the way. Also, we would like to thank AUD for giving us the chance to participate in such a challenging experience also Shell for their generous contribution” added Omar.

The AUD team members are AUD Engineering students from all majors: Omar Labban, Amna Bani Hashem, Alaa Murad, Fadi Kfoury, Mohammad Fikre Haj Hussein, Haytham Abu Zaitoun, Omar Hegazi, Mustafa Alloh, Tarek Halabi, and Wael Bou Ajram. The team also received support and assistance from several AUD students and faculty members who helped them complete this project.

Specifications of the Car:

  • Car Type: Electric Car
  • Battery Type: Lithium Ion
  • Length: 280 cm
  • Height: 85 cm
  • Width: 85 cm
  • Weight: 140 kg
  • Number of Wheels: 3
  • Auxiliary Battery: Yes
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