Renowned Dr. Ziad Noujeim at AUD

Negative Influences of Media and Television on Lebanese and Arab Societies

Apr 23, 2016

The American University in Dubai hosted renowned Lebanese television presenter and journalist broadcaster Dr. Ziad Noujeim who presented the Negative Influences of Media and Television on Lebanese and Arab Societies in special lecture organized by the Department of Interior Design.
Dr. Ziad E. F. Noujeim is one of the leading figures in broadcast journalism in Lebanon and the Arab world. Very few names are as recognizable as him.
Noujeim, 50, Lebanese-born, is also an oral surgeon trained at Paris and Harvard Universities and a Senior Lecturer in Oral Surgery and Medicine and Biology at the Lebanese University School of Dentistry in Beirut, Lebanon (since 1985).
Noujeim, a working host with eleven TV programs to his credit, has a career that spans three decades. Over the years, he has received national and Arab recognition for his professional achievements and has been the recipient of several awards and honors in the fields of media and medicine. He has been extensively interviewed and quoted by Lebanese, Arab and international TV Networks and printed media.
Brush, inquisitive, investigative and opinionated, concerned and compassionate, ironical and witty, irreverent and uncompromising, Noujeim acquired a wealth of experience as an interviewer, exploring key political, social, cultural and public health issues.
Noujeim’s professionalism and seriousness earned him the best Lebanese TV anchor award in 2001, honoring his contributions to television.
Today, he is considered by Arab audiences as an independent and outspoken advocate in television journalism and a talk show host with no identifiable partisan background.

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