Lujain Bitar

Assistant Professor of Arabic

School of Arts & Sciences

Department of International and Middle Eastern Studies


BA, MA, PhD in Arabic Language, Literature and Criticism, Tishreen University, Syria

Dr. Lujain Bitar joined AUD as Assistant Professor of Arabic in Fall 2023 to teach courses in UAE Studies and the Arabic Language. Prior to joining AUD, she worked at Tishreen University in Syria, Canadian University Dubai, Sharjah University, and Politecnico di Milano University in Italy, where she developed a course titled "The UAE Etiquette" to acquaint Italian students with Emirati culture in the run-up to Dubai Expo 2020. Dr. Bitar has also taught courses in the social sciences, literature, and communication.

Dr. Bitar’s research interests are in Arabic literature, criticism, Islamic philosophy, and social humanities. Her publications address issues related to the history of Arab thought, sustainability, globalization, language polices, and Emirati etiquette. She is also the author of a series of educational books for children, which has been approved as a supportive resource for the national curriculum of the Arabic language in the UAE.

Dr. Bitar is a member of the editorial board of Tishreen University Journal, Sharjah University Journal, and the Mohammed Bin Rashid Arabic Language Award, and she regularly participates in The International Conference of Language's Rules, Regulations, Legislations, Polices and Planning, where she most recently presented a paper titled “Sustainability and Language Policies in Nizar Qabbani Poetry.”

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