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Rola Kiwan

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

School of Arts & Sciences


Ph.D., Université de Tours, France
Master (DEA) in Pure Mathematics, Lebanese University, Lebanon
Teaching Diploma in Mathematics, Lebanese University, Lebanon

Dr. Rola Kiwan joined AUD in 2011 as an Adjunct Professor, and was appointed Assistant Professor of Mathematics in 2012. Between 2006 and 2007, Dr. Kiwan was an Instructor at the University of Tours-France, where she graduated from. She has worked for four years as an Assistant Professor at the United Arab University in Al Ain in the UAE.

Her research encloses: optimal placement problem for the Eigenvalues of the Direchlet Laplacian, and Nodal set of the second Dirichlet eigenvalue for doubly connected domains.

Her additional activities include reading different books, writing Arabic poems, and spending time with her daughters Lynn and Sarah.