Nadera AlBorno

Dean of the School of Education and Professor of Education

School of Education


Ed.D. British University in Dubai, in affiliation with University of Birmingham, UK
M.Sc. in Computing Science, Imperial College, University of London, UK
B.Sc. in Computer Science and Statistics, Kuwait University, Kuwait

Dr. Nadera Alborno joined AUD’s School of Education in September 2013. However, she has been an active member of the AUD community since 2000, when she joined as adjunct faculty in computer science. In 2007, Dr. Alborno was honored by the university as the recipient of the President's Award for Teaching Excellence. Her continuous outstanding service to AUD in teaching, scholarship and community outreach led her to earn the rank of associate professor in 2016 and later professor of education in 2023. Dr. Alborno was appointed Dean of the School of Education in July 2023.

As a scholar, Dr. Alborno identifies herself as a “compassionate researcher”. Her work aims to promote access, equity and justice in education through preparing teachers for inclusive classrooms and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities. Her scholarship in the fields of teacher preparation, inclusion, and transformative learning through virtually connected classrooms has been internationally recognized for its relevance and effectiveness. As an active member of the American Education Research Association (AERA) and a contributor to British and American peer reviewed journals, she has published articles, book chapters and case studies addressing the challenges in the UAE and GCC context. Furthermore, she is often called upon by government offices and the private sector to advice on policy and practice related to teacher qualification, inclusive education and accessibility.

In addition, Dr. Alborno works with local communities to support families of children with disabilities and raise awareness about their rights to equal opportunities in education and employment. When not teaching, speaking or writing, she enjoys active sports and adventure travel with her family.

Selected publications:

  • Kalaji, G. & Alborno, N. (2022). The influence of gifted and talented programs on students’ self-concept. Athens Journal of Education, 10: 1-16
  • Alborno, N. (2022). Child case studies: Leading the way to inclusion. Teaching and Teacher Education, 111, 103618.
  • Alborno, N. (2021). The Intangibles of Teacher Education in the UAE. In N. Bakali & N. Memon (Eds.), Teacher Training and Education in the GCC: Unpacking the Complexities and Challenges of Internationalizing Educational Contexts, pp. 111-125. London, UK. Lexington Books.
  • Alborno, N. E. (2017). The ‘yes… but’ dilemma: implementing inclusive education in Emirati primary schools. British Journal of Special Education, 44(1), 26-45.
  • Hill, C. & Alborno, N. (2018). Philanthropy for Education: Challenges and Opportunities in the Middle East, Conference proceedings, Eighth Biannual Gulf Comparative Education Society (GCES) Symposium in RAK, UAE. 7-9 April 2018, pp 4 -12.
  • Alborno, N. & Gaad, E. (2014). Index for Inclusion – a framework for school review in the UAE, British Journal of Special Education. 41(3), 231–248
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