Sunitha Kshatriya

Director, Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (Certified Incubator) and Associate Professor of Management

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

President_Thumnail_Image Human Resource Management, Symbiosis International University (Pune)
MBA in Management, Osmania University (Hyderabad)
BA in Political Science & Administration, St. Francis College (Hyderabad)

Dr. Kshatriya was appointed Manager of AUD’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center in June 2019. She joined AUD in January 2019 as Adjunct Faculty of the School of Business and taught Innovation and Entrepreneurship. Prior to this, she spent 4 years at Al Dar University (UAE), where she served as Director, Institutional Effectiveness and was Associate Professor of the School of Business Administration and Acting Dean Research. Prior to this, she spent 4 years as Program Leader of Higher National Diploma at London School of Business (Toronto), Professor (sessional) at Seneca College (Toronto), and Guest Faculty at York University (Toronto).

In addition to teaching, Dr. Kshatriya is the Chairperson of the ‘Empowerment Centre for the Advancement of Education’ (ECAfE), a not-for-profit she founded in Canada. She recently participated in d.School, Stanford University’s Teaching-Learning Studio and was a part of UAE Ministry of Education contingent that visited Stanford to participate in ‘UAE’s Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Program’. She specializes in program creation, teaching, training, program assessment, curriculum design and design thinking, with an extensive breadth of international experience in management, policy development, and strategic leadership in the public, private and academic sectors.

Dr. Kshatriya’s research has been in the fields of Design Thinking, Women Empowerment, Quality Assurance, Job Analysis and Self-Actualization. In addition to having presented her research at several conferences, Dr. Kshatriya has published 3 books: ‘Self Actualization: A Perception Study’ (ISBN: 978-3-330-96641-3); ‘Empowerment’ (ISBN: 978-3-330-97651-1), and ‘Selection System and Job Analysis’ (ISBN: 978-620-2-30002-5) and, numerous articles in such journals as: Journal of Management; International Journal of Management, IT and Engineering; International Journal of Research in Social Sciences; Journal of Sustainability. Her research project on Women Empowerment was funded by international grant from Status of Women, Canada. Currently, Dr. Kshatriya is involved in Happiness research and Language study in collaboration with Montclair State University (US), Columbia University (US) and University of Dubai (UAE) both focused at validating a happiness framework and, at local and authentic utterances of language of the region (Arabic UAE Dialect).

In her free time, she enjoys watching movies, reading, painting and traveling.

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