Respecting the rights and responsibilities of our fellow residents is essential for successful community living.

The responsibility for a successful collaborative learning environment is a shared effort among the Housing Manager, Resident Assistants, and residents at AUD. We believe that positive collaboration is built on respect for the rights and responsibilities of all involved parties that comprise different nationalities, cultures, and ethnic groups.


  • Housing residents should make a concentrated effort to be friendly and helpful to one another. This involves taking the time to learn about each other;
  • Residents should show tolerance for differing cultural practices, living styles, and food preferences;
  • Flexibility and adaptability should be part of every resident’s vocabulary and actions;
  • Any resident who is responsible for a violation of courtesies needs to accept responsibility for his or her own actions and institute behavioral changes;
  • Residents should also accept responsibility for informing other residents of behaviors that are annoying and/or infringing upon the rights of members of the community;
  • Noise should be kept to a minimally accepted level. Excessive noise should be avoided;
  • All residents should strive to practice good kitchen hygiene.

For full information on our housing rules, refer to our Housing Handbook.

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